How an Early-Morning "Ice Hack" Got Me from 207 to 142!

And It Only Takes 5-Seconds a Day! I Wish I Knew This Years Ago 🙏

One of the saddest days of my life was my 59th birthday.

That's when my ex-husband and I had a major argument...which ultimately caused us to part ways.

He was complaining that I was making his "Golden Years" less enjoyable since I was so slow, sluggish, and overweight, and I didn't take it well.

But later, as I was alone in my new apartment (we simply sold the condo), I understood...

He was correct...

I WASN'T the vibrant, vivacious, and content woman he originally wed. In fact, I hardly recognized myself when I looked in the mirror.
So I made a commitment to myself at that time and booked a visit with my doctor. I intended to reclaim my life.

Given that... I still had to consider my daughter and grandchildren, and I still wanted to be a good role model for them all.

There was ONLY ONE issue...

I adhered strictly to the recommendations for a new diet that my doctor gave me before sending me home.

Inertia persisted.

So I joined a local "active adults" gym, which simply made me sore, sweaty, and fatigued while having NO IMPACT on my weight.

I then tried running, even spin classes.

I returned to concentrating on my food when my personal trainer mentioned that "abs are produced in the kitchen."

I experimented with intermittent fasting, low-carb, keto, and even the Mediterranean diet.

None of them were successful. They only made me more irritable and worn out.

I was about to try ANYTHING since I was so desperate...

I also had the strangest encounter when shopping...

I noticed a man and lady who were both around my age and who both had their hands occupied with baggage. They appeared to have purchased a brand-new wardrobe for her between the two of them.

She clearly needed it because her sundress was almost falling off her shoulders. It was far, FAR TOO LARGE for her.

The weirdest part was that I knew who she was!

It took me a while to realize that it was Amanda, an old buddy from high school.

She was simply a shadow of the lady I remembered.

Amanda was a darling from day one.

But due of her "puffiness," she was also the one who would hide in the background of group shots.

So it seemed like a cruel twist of life to see her today, looking like a magazine model.

Until she also acknowledged me.

“Donna! Oh my God... I was informed of the divorce. How are things going for you?”

The moment I opened my mouth to speak, the tears started to flow. I was simply unable to contain my pain any longer.

Thank goodness Amanda and her partner took me aside and gave me a moment to collect myself.

When I finished telling her the entire story, they both exchanged knowing looks.

“What?” I asked.

She then took out a piece of paper and jotted down the URL of a website.

“Watch the video there, and everything will be explained. THIS is how Brad and I were able to upgrade our wardrobes, too!”

I followed her advice and viewed the video as soon as I got home.

Not only did the video challenge EVERYTHING I believed I knew about fitness and health, but when I started implementing their suggestions, my body underwent a total makeover!

From 207 down to 198, then 172, then 164, and finally 142...

The speed and efficiency of this method FLOORED ME!

This Morning "Ice Hack" of 5-Seconds Has Let Me To...

  • Enjoy brownies and cookies whenever I want to
  • I LOVE the image I see every day in the mirror.
  • ​Just continue being as active as I want to (really just taking slow walks around the forest...)
  • ​​Finally get my numbers under control
  • ​Get out of the cycle of never-ending workouts and diets that previously FAILED ME.

Can it Also Work for You?

There is only one way to know for certain... but I will let you know this:

To control my health, I tried SO many various things, but this was the ONLY one that was successful.

I'm feeling and looking better than ever...I can now state with confidence that MY golden years are golden!

It has also worked for THOUSANDS of other men and women like myself, as you'll discover in a moment.

All I ask is that you at least watch the video AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because the "health and wellness" business is actually putting pressure on them to have the video...removed.

It appears that they REALLY dislike being exposed in this way....especially when a better option exists and it reduces them revenues!

Please watch the video down below. The video Amada showed me back then is the same one, and I GUARANTEE it's worth the extra time to watch.

Supporting your journey,
- Helen C.

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